Service and Repair

Pool 3

Our service philosophy is one of providing a good and safe environment for the patrons of each pool and for our employees.  We are also committed to ensuring the longevity of each facility with proper maintenance and long term planning.  We realize that there are budget and/or financial barriers at many communities.  We will work with each community to make sure that all service requirements are met in a fiscally responsible manner.

Please be assured that Atlantic Pool Service, Inc. is capable of performing any kind of maintenance work at your facility, whether it be a minor bathhouse plumbing repair or a major renovation or facility upgrade.  Our staff specializes in caulking, coping stones, tiles, whitecoats, replacement of concrete decks, renovation of pool walls and installation of new filtration systems.  You will find that our prices are very competitive and the quality of our work beyond reproach.

- Basic Services -

  • Whitecoats – replastering of the interior pool surface. Warranty for as long as we manage your pool or two (2) year minimum.
  • Caulking- replacement with industrial polyurethane sealant.
  • Tile and Coping Stones – replacement of old cracked perimeter tile and coping stones.
  • Concrete decks – individual pads or entire deck replacement. Professionally installed to a smooth non-slip finish.
  • Leak Detection – use of state of the art technology and equipment to find and repair leaking filtration lines.
  • Filter Replacement – replace old and rusted filter tanks with new fiberglass tanks.
  • Deck Equipment – installation of new dive stands, guard chair stands, ladder anchors, handicap lifts.
  • Winter Covers – custom cut Meyco® mesh pool covers professionally installed by Atlantic Pool Service.
  • Furniture – repair or replacement of damaged pool furniture.

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